23+ FREE Printable Packing List Templates [PDF, WORD, EXCEL]

A packing list is a document normally dispatched with a shipping package or container which describes the content of the package and other relevant information. Free sample Packing List Templates are available for download on this page.

A packing list is an optional document you may choose to attach with your shipment. The main purpose of a packing list is to inform all parties involved with shipping such as transport agencies, government authorities, and customers, about the contents of the package. It is also a very important tool for confirming the number of items and making sure that nothing has been misplaced.  A packing list also helps to handle the package accordingly.

A packing list template can be prepared by the seller in cases where the contents will be forwarded to a third-party, such as a customer or merchant. You can utilize a packing list template in order to make a perfect packing list for your package or shipment.

The given packing list templates are really helpful for you. The document which is prepared while packing the goods or product in the box is known as a packing list. The details in the packing list include the name of the product, quantity, and information about the receiver. Basically packing list is prepared for the person to whom the goods are sent.

Due to the packing list, it will be convenient for the person to identify goods. The packing list saves them time and ensures both parties about the availability of goods mentioned. The packing list helps the shopkeeper to adjust the items according to the codes mentioned. The packing list can also be made for college, vacation, or for the holiday. The packing list is prepared by the sender for accurate tallying of the delivered goods. Make sure to check out the different packing list templates in different formats and styles below.

Get FREE Packing List Templates Here:

School Trip Packing List Template

Summer Camping Packing List Template

Student Packing List PDF Template

Company’s Packing List Template WORD

Traveler’s Packing List Template

Detailed Trip Packing List Template

Export Packing List Template

Summer Vacations Packing List Template PDF

Disney World Vacation Ultimate Packing List Word Template

ShipDetective Cruise Packing List Template

Printable Packing Checklist Template

College Packing List Template

Printable Beach Holiday Packing List Template

Blank Packing List Template

Standard Packing List Template MS WORD

Exclusive Vacation Packing List Template

Girls Packing List Template

Sample Packing List Form Template

Kids Travel Packing List Template

Example Packing List Template

Basic Packing List Template EXCEL

Printable Packing List Format Template

Laboratory Equipment Packing List Template

Suggested Packing List Template

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