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Certificate of Origin Template is available for download. The document used by the exporter for international trade is known as certificate of origin. It is in the printed form completed by an agent of exporter and certified by an issuing body, attesting that the goods in the particular export shipment have been manufactured in a country. The origin refers to the country where the goods were made. The details in the certificate of origin include the name of product and the exporter and the signature of the authority issuing certificate. The certificate of origin acts as an evidence that an exporter is allowed to export good according to the directions provided by the issuing authority. The exporter has to pay for certificate of origin and the payment depends upon the validity date. The certificate of origin secures the exporter from the problem faced by the exporter.

You can make good certificates of origin using this very good Certificate of Origin Template. Making professional quality certificates are now very much easy.

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Certificate of Origin Template

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