Wanted Poster Template

Download free Wanted Poster Template here. This Wanted Poster Template is designed by professionals. Wanted poster is a kind of poster distributed of posted in public places to let people know about a criminal who is wanted by police or other authorities. Wanted poster is a useful way to find criminal easily with the help of public. Main purpose of a wanted poster is to aware public to the fact that police and other authorities are looking for a person mentioned in wanted poster. A wanted poster may describe information about wanted person such as, name, photograph and other characteristics like color, weight and height etc. generally wanted posters placed in public places like post office, bus stops, police stations and markets. A wanted poster can be prepared in Microsoft word and photoshop by using your computer easily. Wanted poster samples are also available in order to prepare a wanted poster in best way. Hopefully you will like this Wanted Poster Template.

The poster which is prepared for the person who has committed crime and wanted by the cops is known as wanted poster. The wanted poster includes the picture, name, and the amount as a reward for the one who will inform about the present status of criminal. The wanted poster is issued by the cops when the date of presenting the criminal in the court expires. The wanted posters are pasted in the office of cops and on the street walls. The objective of wanted poster is to let the public know that the person is wanted by the cops. The wanted poster will generally include the description of the wanted person and the crime for which they are sought. The wanted posters are displayed in the lobby of post office and the statement written on the wanted poster is the dead or alive. Thus an individual would get a reward for either bringing the person or the body to the authorities.

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Wanted Poster Template

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