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This is the place to download Salary Certificate Template. A salary certificate is a document which indicates all information about an employee such as, Designations, promotions and salary break-up (net salary, gross salary, allowances and deductions) etc. It may include other important details like company name, date of joining and position in company. A salary certificate generally issued by Human Recourses department to an employee on his request. Mostly banks require a salary certificate when you want to get loan by bank. Salary certificate is tool to let the bank know about your salary in a year that can help them to set up a loan amount. It can be prepare for both reasons, in order to ensure that what is the current salary of an employee and how much he is expected to get in future as well. You can find large number of salary certificate samples in order to prepare a salary certificate. You will certainly like Salary Certificate Template.

There are a number of employees working in the company contributing their part in the company’s profit. Their work and efforts are paid back as a sense of gratitude by the company in the form of salary or commission in the case of an agency. Their work records are maintained and these employees are provided salary slip or pay in slip generally known as these days as a detailed calculation for the net amount paid to them while few companies provide their employees with Salary Certificate, which is the evidence for the salary paid to them. These certificates or salary slips contain the name of the employer the paying party, the receiving party being employed, and his address showing the detailed amount of money being transferred to him after deducting tax and other contributions due to him. This certificate also provides the net amount to be paid to him after considering his dues towards the enterprise and also the amount of advance provided by the company to him.

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