Top 5 Resources To Get Free Payroll Templates

 Here is a general Payroll Template. When a large number of employees are engaged in an enterprise, they help in contributing in the profit of the company by putting their efforts in achieving the company’s goal. However, the company in return gives salary or commission in the case of agency service. The payment to be provided by the employer shall be in accordance to the attendance of the workers or employees. They shall be provided payment in compliance with the amount of work done by him. Their Payroll may be verified and assured if it has been corrected maintained and there is no fraud being involved in it. There should be no fake attendance or fictitious employee whose pay slip is being deducted unless verified. The signing authority to approve these pay slips must be overviewed. The payment terms and conditions vary as per the company to company. This Payroll Template can be downloaded here.

Payroll is a sum of payments like salaries of employees, wages, bonuses and other deductions during a specific accounting period. Payroll is a major expense of any kind of business. Payroll generally prepared by accounting department of the company at the end of accounting year. In small business, payroll section may managed by the owner himself. Payroll system can be handled by the company accounting department or by a professional service. There are different ways to manage a payroll system of the company. Manual payroll system is very inexpensive. Nowadays mostly companies are using computerized payroll systems in order to manage their payroll section with best. A wide range of different software available in market that you can purchase and run for your company. Computerized payroll system helps you to minimize the human errors in payroll reports. Hope you like Payroll Template.

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Payroll Template

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Top 20 Formats Of Salary Slip Templates

Sample Salary Slip Templates are added here for your help and reference.  Salary Slip Template can be very much useful in your plans for making good quality and professional level salary slips. Salary is a payment to an employee from a company or an employer. Salary may specify in an employment contract before starting a job. Salary slip is a paper of document which shows all details and information regarding salary of an employee that what he earn in a specific time period. A salary slip may contain gross salary, income tax, insurance and other contributions and payments. A salary slip also known as pay slip and it is very important document that can let employee take control over salary function. Mostly it is provided to all employees by company or organization. If any employee of the company does not have his pay slip, he can ask for pay slip or salary slip from his company or employer. Every company has its own pay slip format and criteria to calculate salary for employees. You will like this Salary Slip Template

Salary slip is a document signed by an employee after receiving the salary. Salary slip contains information about an employee such as his name, his salary payment for the month, his designation and total payment and the account number. The business companies used this slip as a proof that the salary has been received by an employee. The purpose of salary slip is ensuring the accounts department that an employee has received the salary for the services and tasks he/she has performed. The salary slip shows the details such as medical allowance, traveling allowance, bonus and the deductions like advance payment to an employee. Due to salary slip it has become easier for an employee to allocate his/her salary on number of working days. The salary slip can be used as a document for showing the status of employee to any authority.

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Salary Slip Template



Free Salary Template is added here for you reference. A Salary is a sort of payment given to a person who is working as per the job contract. Salary is normally distributed on a periodic basis and varies from person to person. Salary is normally decided as per the person’s experience and educational qualification. There are many countries in the world where salary is decided as per the person’s skills. It is always given as per fixed amount, which is normally decided during the formation of the employment contract. A salary consists of many important elements such as basic salary, expenses, retirement benefits, provident fund, health insurance benefits and many more such important elements. It is one of the oldest forms of things given to a person in lieu of the services rendered by him. The practice of giving salary is being followed from many centuries and people in the past also use to get a dedicated amount of money as a part of their salary for putting up the stipulated amount of work. This Salary Template can work for various purposes.

A salary is payment made to employee from his employer after a specified time against work done by employee. Amount of salary may specify in an employment contract before hiring an employee. Salary is quite different from wages. Generally wages are paid hourly or daily, whereas salary is payment which made after a week or year. Salaries are most common with white-collar jobs. If an employee will remain absent throughout the month, company may deduct his salary as per company’s rules and regulations. Different companies are using different means of salary payment. Large companies usually transfer salaries in employees account at the end of month or in starting days of month and they can withdraw via their ATM cards easily.

Top 5 Free Employment Agreement Templates

Do download this free Employment Agreement Template here.  It will help you making good agreement. An Employment Agreement is a class of agreement utilized in the law of the labor in order to attribute responsibilities and right between the companies or parties to a good deal. On the one end places an ‘employee’ who is appointed by an ‘employer’. In fact, it has developed out of the traditional master servant law or rule, utilized before the 20th century. Generally, this agreement signifies a relationship of social subordination and financial dependence. This contract essentially defined to state the same in the form of ‘contract of service’. An agreement of service has conventionally been differentiated from an agreement for the supply of services or products, an expression modified to entail the dividing line between an individual who is ‘employed’ and an individual who is ‘self employed’.  If you own a business and wants to hire some employees, it is important to create this agreement. Important points are mentioned in Employment Agreement Template.

An employment agreement is a legal formal agreement between an employer and an employee which indicates the terms and conditions of the relationship between both parties. It also describes the compensations and expectations of both parties. An employment agreement generally include nature of job and responsibilities, salary, other benefits by company, paid vacations, bonuses and other important information regarding job. Written employment agreement make sure that employees know what an employer expect from them and what their duties are, and also protects both involved parties. Different states have a slandered form of employment agreement and the law requires you to have a written employment agreement. You and your employee should both sign the agreement so there is no dispute in future about what was promised or agreed on. If you need some help to prepare an employment contract yourself, you should use employment agreement templates that are available on internet for free of cost.

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Employment Agreement Template

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Employment Agreement Template

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Top 5 Free Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

You can download Non-Disclosure Agreement Template here. This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template is really important reference. A Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA is also known as a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), confidentially agreement (CA), secrecy agreement or proprietary information agreement. It is an authorized contract between at least 2 parties, which outlines private knowledge, material or information, which the parties want to share among each other for definite reasons, but want to limit access to or by a 3rd party source. It is an agreement through the parties concurs not to reveal any type of information covered by the contract. It makes a private relationship between the parties in order to secure any kind of proprietary and private information or secrets about the trade. As such, it secures information related to the nonpublic business. It is also probable for a worker to sign this agreement with an employer. Unilateral NDA and Bilateral NDA are two types of NDA available, used for business purposes. Hope you like Non-Disclosure Agreement Template.

Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contract between two or more than two parties in which parties agreed to share confidential knowledge and information with each other and wish not to disclose to another party. A company or business may require an employee to sign non-Disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement usually lasts for a specific time period, which is generally specified within the agreement. The basic purpose such kind of contracts or agreements is to build a confidential relationship between one person who has a business secret and another to whom the secret is disclosed. If you wish to write non-disclosure agreement for your business or company, you should use non-disclosure agreement templates. Mostly non-disclosure agreement templates are available on internet free of cost. After downloading you can make change and can make a perfect non-disclosure agreement as per your company’s needs. Get this Non-Disclosure Agreement Template here.

Free Download Non-Disclosure Agreement Template:

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

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call log template

Top 5 Resources To Get Free Call Log Templates

As an active employee of the business and has been tasked with logging all calls for the business or company, it is beneficial for you to get help from call log template. It enables you to make a call log to keep proper track of all phone calls made by customers and business itself. Preparing and maintaining a call log helps the business management a lot to stay in touch with customers, clients and suppliers without facing difficulty. Use of call log is vital for business organizations and companies in many ways. Call log can come in handy when it comes to keep an eye on the miscellaneous incoming and outgoing calls and all relevant information in an organized manner. A well-managed call log is considered as a vital tool that makes the business communication much easier and fluent. An employer or businessman can use available details in call log to reach customers and clients in timely manner to fulfill their needs or orders made by them. Aside from the size and nature of the business or company you are running, you must prepare a call log to keep data about calls safe in written form and our call log template can help you a lot in this matter.

More about call log template:

Call log basically is a document providing details about all calls (incoming and outgoing) made or received by an individual person, company or business establishment. Call log is one of the important documents on reception table.  Telephone operator or receptionist can use available fields and spaces of the call log to record details about calls such as status of the call, name of the person on another side of the call, status of the time, timing and reason of call etc. Details mentioned in the call log can be used as reference when called person need to make a call in response. Properly made and up to dated call log makes the business communication easier and productive. Not only in business field, but a call log can also be used for personal use. With help of a call log an individual person or company can control the cost of outgoing unproductive calls.

How to use call log template:

As it is recently mentioned that call log is one of the most important document in personal and professional life, it must be prepared carefully with all essential spaces to record basic details about calls. Our call log template is a helping document when someone is making call log either for personal or professional use. Microsoft excel is a featured spreadsheet based computer program that anyone can use for creating call log from scratch. If you want to save your time and efforts when making call log, then we recommend you to download and use call log template. The template is readymade document with blank fields that you can use to add your own details such as name of the company, date and name of the managing person etc. Editing of the call log template will be easier after its successful downloading in computer.

Download Call Log Template:

call log template


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