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Sample Financial Report Template is added here. Financial report is a way to capture the picture of financial position of the company in a specific accounting period. A financial report is a summary of financial statements of the company at the end of an accounting period which shows the earnings and spending of a business or company within an accounting year. Generally a financial report produced by company to let shareholders and investors know the financial position of the company either strong or poor. Another purpose to prepare financial report is to get loan from bank or other financial providers. With the help of financial report of the company, bank or loan providers can see the financial situation of the company and can grant a handsome amount of loan. It also helps to take a view of assets and liabilities of the company. Financial report is a very important business document and it should be prepared carefully and in professional manner. This Financial Report Template is much helpful.

The document on which all the details of transactions made during a year are mentioned is known as financial report. The users of this report are accountants, bankers, economist, analyst and lawyers. This report contains statement of cash flow, equity and balance sheet. It represents the financial performance of the entity by evaluating the debtors, creditors and loan if taken from the bank. This report is prepared after the collaboration of efforts by following departments such as admin, sales, stock and purchase. It shows the rank of the company in the market as compare to other companies. The record of the report can be used for maintaining the systematic and convenient performance. The investors are attracted to company when it goes good with the shareholders. This report is presented to government for paying taxes after audit. It is necessary to evaluate the accounts for profit and loss of the company when preparing financial report.

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