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A user manual is a document created by the manufacturer of a machine or device which communicates all important information about installation and operation of the machine or device.  You can download free User Manual Template here. This User Manual Template will be really helpful to you. User manual is also known as user’s guide. These are mostly associated with electrical goods and items. User’s manual enables a consumer to operate a machine or device effectively and also identify its other features as well. A user’s manual should be in easily understandable form.  A user guide generally includes written and visual information to assist that how to operate the device with best. User manual template is a best tool to utilize if you are going to write a user manual yourself. It helps you to prepare a user manual in a best way and effectively. Such templates are free of cost and you can make amendment in them as you want.

User manual is organized for some product such as mobile phones and accessories attached to it. In user manual the features are defined and information about using the product. It is just like a copy in which pictures are designed for convenience of the customers. It gives complete introduction of device to an individual. It provides assistance to people using a particular system. The user manual is written by programmers, product or project managers, or other technical staff, particularly in smaller companies. The association of this manual is with electronic goods, computer and software. The selection of user manual includes a cover page, title page and preface. The software and games usually come with user manual. The manual should be written logically so that it makes people easy to understand. User manuals can be made of numerous parts including a front cover, tables of contents, list of figures or tables, introduction, chapters, appendix, glossary, index and back cover.

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Download this user manual template here.

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