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Remittance is a sum of money sent to his hometown by worker who works in abroad. Get Remittance Template here. In other words remittance can be defined as any form of money transfer or payment made from your working country to home country. There are different sources of remittance such as, check, draft and other electronic ways. It also refers to the amount of money being sent in order to get rid of an obligation. Remittance advice is a very important business document which shows that invoice has been paid and also identifies the mod of payment. Remittance advice is not mandatory, but it can help a lot to manage account receivable by companies. If you are looking to design a remittance advice, you should use remittance advice template to prepare it. You can also collect some useful tips and instruction from internet to prepare it in a professional format. Free Remittance Template will help you .

The transfer of money by a person residing in foreign country to an individual’s home country is known as remittance. The remittance is playing an important role in the economic growth of country. The amount transferred by a person can be in pounds or dollars. The tax is deducted by the state as income tax before paying the amount. As this is new era the transfer of funds are online. The remittance affects the inflation and growth rate of the country. The process of sending money to remove an obligation is known as remittance. The remittances are received by the people through electronic network, wire transfer or mail. The establishment of the country is dependent upon the remittance.The remittance helps a lot the as the income for people during disasters.

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