14+ Free Payment Voucher Templates

A payment voucher is a business document which includes all information about a sale like, type of goods, sum of money, payment mod, payer and receiver’s details etc. It also indicates date and time of transaction. You can download Payment Voucher Template from below download link. There are various functions of a payment voucher in business. Basic purpose of a payment voucher is a proof of transaction done between two parties (seller and buyer). In case of any replacement or exchange of items, payment voucher is a basic requirement. It is very important tool to keep record of all payments has to be paid. A large number of business owners use payment vouchers as promotional tool for their company in shape of payment discount voucher. Payment voucher should contain all necessary details and information about transaction and prepared carefully. Payment voucher templates can make you enable to draw a well designed payment voucher for your company. This Payment Voucher Template will help you a lot in making vouchers.

The voucher prepared by the trader for payment to the creditor is known as payment voucher. The details in the payment voucher include the name of creditor, the amount paid, the company name and contact number, the account number and the signature of trader. Every trader has its own payment voucher with the name of company. An accountant uses payment voucher for adjustments in the creditors account. The payment voucher can be used for meeting day to day expenses or for purchases. The payment voucher is kept as a record by the trader. When there is outflow of funds by an entity so the payment voucher is made. The payment voucher can be made for purchases, expenses, salaries and for the loan returned. The entries posted in the ledger are through payment voucher.

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