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You can get Editable Promissory Note Templates here on this page completely for free. A promissory note is a legal document in which one party promises to pay a specified sum of amount to another party either on a determined time in the future or on-demand basis.

In simple words, a promissory note is a promise to pay. A promissory note is a legally enforceable document by law. It clearly defines the terms and conditions of payment. The main parts of a promissory note may be the sum of amount, rate of interest, payment date, and signature of parties. A promissory note can be prepared by an individual, bank, or any loan provider company in many situations.

Most states have a slandered form of the promissory note to make it legally binding. It should be prepared carefully and in a professional manner. You can also utilize various promissory note templates available on the internet for free of cost. However, the promissory note templates provided on this page are available in MS WORD format so that you can easily download and edit the contents of the template of your choice.

A Promissory Note is a note that is used during a financial transaction. It is basically issued by one party to another party and it acts as a promise that a party will pay a dedicated amount of money to the other party. It is a legal financial document and is followed under a certain set of tax-related rules and regulations.

Some common examples of promissory notes are mortgage notes and banknotes. Every country has its own set and format of promissory notes. A promissory note also consists of terms and conditions which are required to be followed in a religious manner. Failure to do so can lead to legal implications. The history of the promissory notes is very old and it is believed that it all started thousands of years ago in China when these promissory notes were being used by Chinese tea merchants during the Tang Dynasty.

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