Top 5 Resources To Get Free Service Invoice Templates

Service Invoice Template is here  for you. Create professional invoices using this template. A service invoice is a kind of billing associated with the non-professional work. This is a legal document, which is presented to the payer as a part of payment for services provided to him. You can download this Service Invoice Template from below download button.

A few of the services may include freelance work, consultancy, repair personnel etc. The service provider raises the invoice after the assignment or work is completed as desired. The customer agrees to pay the amount and asks for the invoice. This way, both parties get involved into the transactions and a business relationship. Accounting software can also be used to create the invoice on customer’s name to which he pays the amount against. Both parties have copies of the invoice and receipt of payment is provided to the service provider for smooth transaction. The invoice may include the information about service provided, amount to be paid and due date when the customer has to pay.

Download Service Invoice Template:

Service Invoice Template

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A service invoice is a document issued by a service provider company or an individual for a transaction in which services are provided to the customer against a specified sum of money. A service invoice is a written proof of purchase of services. Generally a service invoice includes details of the services provided by a company or an individual to its client. Main parts of a service invoice may be date, invoice number, invoice due date, client name, sum of money and other sales taxes if any. A service invoice is a best tool to keep record of services provided to the clients. Various companies are using software to prepare and manage service invoices. There is a huge variety of service invoice templates available on internet free of cost that can be used to prepare service invoices for your business or company.

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