Top 5 Samples Of Rent Receipt Templates

You can download free this Rent Receipt Template. A rent receipt is a document which records the payment made by a tenant to its landlord in a specific period of time. Rent is a specific sum of amount mentioned in a rental agreement against use of any kind of property. Rent receipt can serve as a legal proof of amount paid as rent for a specific time period. Rent receipt may include type of property, date & time, sum of money paid, mod of payment and name of both parties etc. It is a very important document to keep track of all your payments made by you. A landlord may be required, or asked, to provide a Rent Receipt to tenants. Having transactions history in writing can help avoid any kind of mistakes in case of any clash between landlord and tenant. Rent receipt template is a best way to prepare a rent receipt avoiding many mistakes and errors.

The receipt given by the landlord to the tenant is known as rent receipt. The details in the rent receipt include the name of the tenant, the month and the amount paid by the tenant to landlord. The rent receipt acts as an evidence for the tenant that he/she has paid the amount. The mode of the payment is defined on the rent receipt it can be of cash, by cherub or money order. It is necessary for landlord to make rent receipt because government imposes tax on the income from property. Due to rent receipt there is no confusion between the parties regarding the payment of amount. It is the responsibility of the landlord to give rent receipt to the tenant every month. The rent receipt establishes a good relation between the tenant and the landlord.

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Rent Receipt Template

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