22 Useful Meeting Minutes Templates in WORD

Meeting minutes are written or recorded detail of discussions and decisions during the meeting. The Meeting Minutes Templates are required by many on daily basis. The main purpose of meeting minutes is to let non-attendees know about the happenings in a meeting.

Well-written meeting minutes may include the name of the person who wrote the minutes, the names of the people who were present during the meeting, complete detail of the discussion, and the name of the person who put off the meeting. Meeting minutes are very important to remember meeting’s decisions and can also inform people who were not at the meeting.

Meeting minutes should be prepared carefully and distributed to everyone who was in the meeting as soon as possible, so questions can be raised and any necessary changes to the minutes can be made at the time. Meeting minutes templates can help a lot to write or prepare perfect meeting minutes. These meeting minutes templates will save a lot of your time.

The document which is used to inform the attendees and non-attendees about the happenings during the meeting is known as meeting minutes. The meeting minutes are recorded during the meeting so the participants have a record of what happened during the meeting.

The meeting minutes includes the name of participants, the items covered, the decision made by the leader and the follow-up actions, the due date for completion of commitments, and any other discussion about the betterment and growth of the business. The minutes serve as a reminder of the commitments made during the meeting.

The meeting minutes are an effective contributor to successful meetings when minutes are appropriately written and distributed in a timely manner. It is important for the person who has not attended the meeting to take meeting minutes. The meeting minutes are about all the discussions between the leader and the team.

Make sure to check out the given-below free and editable meeting minutes templates provided here in this article.

FREE Meeting Minutes Templates:

Academy Meeting Minutes Template

Organization Meeting Minutes Template

Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

Informal Meeting Minutes Template

Team Meeting Minutes Template

Sample Meeting Minutes Template

Departmental Meeting Minutes Template

Basic Meeting Minutes Layout Template

Project Meeting Minutes Template WORD

Special Meeting Minutes Template

Official Meeting Minutes Template

Government Department Meeting Minutes Template

Online Meeting Minutes Word Template

Standard Meeting Minutes Template

Editable Meeting Minutes Template

Free Board Meeting Minutes Template

Example Meeting Minutes Template DOC Format

Formal Meeting Minutes Template

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes Template

University Meeting Minutes Template

Sample Staff Meeting Minutes Template

Simple Meeting Minutes Template

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