17 Sample Commercial Invoice Templates [WORD & EXCEL]

A commercial invoice template can easily be downloaded here from the given-below collection of practical commercial invoice templates. A commercial invoice is a type of document utilized in foreign trade. It is important to know that it is utilized as a customs declaration offered by an individual or a company, which is exporting a product across international borders.

Even though there is no particular standard format for it, the document should incorporate a few particular pieces of information like the parties included in the shipping transaction, the country of manufacture, the goods being transferred or transported, and the harmonized coding symbols for those goods. This document should as well incorporate a statement that certifies that the invoice is a signature and a true one. This document is utilized by organizations for calculating tariffs, overseas, commercial terms, and is mostly utilized for custom reasons.

A commercial invoice is a document of invoice used for foreign trade purposes. It is a very important document required by the customs department in order to get the true value of goods that you import to assess duties and taxes. A commercial invoice is a final receipt or bill after the shipment of goods. A commercial invoice may contain the name of both parties, the true value of items or goods, quantity and weight, nature of goods, the total sum of payment, date and time and must include a statement certifying that the invoice is original and a signature.

It also indicates all terms and conditions of a sale transaction. The commercial invoice is considered the most important document in international trade because merchandise is not allowed to clear customs at the destination without a commercial invoice. Commercial invoice templates are best to use for preparing a commercial invoice for your business. Make sure to check out the given commercial invoice templates available in MS Word and Excel formats.

FREE Commercial Invoice Templates are Here:

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