Salary Slip Template

Sample Salary Slip Template is added here for your help and reference.  This Salary Slip Template can be download below. Salary is a payment to an employee from a company or an employer. Salary may specify in an employment contract before starting a job. Salary slip is a paper of document which shows all details and information regarding salary of an employee that what he earn in a specific time period. A salary slip may contain gross salary, income tax, insurance and other contributions and payments. A salary slip also known as pay slip and it is very important document that can let employee take control over salary function. Mostly it is provided to all employees by company or organization. If any employee of the company does not have his pay slip, he can ask for pay slip or salary slip from his company or employer. Every company has its own pay slip format and criteria to calculate salary for employees. You will like this Salary Slip Template

Salary slip is a document signed by an employee after receiving the salary. Salary slip contains information about an employee such as his name, his salary payment for the month, his designation and total payment and the account number. The business companies used this slip as a proof that the salary has been received by an employee. The purpose of salary slip is ensuring the accounts department that an employee has received the salary for the services and tasks he/she has performed. The salary slip shows the details such as medical allowance, traveling allowance, bonus and the deductions like advance payment to an employee. Due to salary slip it has become easier for an employee to allocate his/her salary on number of working days. The salary slip can be used as a document for showing the status of employee to any authority.

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