13+ Printable Bill of Sale Templates [WORD, EXCEL]

A bill of sale is a written formal document usually used to show the sale of goods or transfer of ownership from one person to another.  This Bill of sale Template is of utmost importance.  Bill of sale is a proof of sale transaction or change the ownership of goods or property from seller to buyer. It is a very useful document to show that the buyer now has ownership and to detail what kind of purchase was made.

A bill of sale may contain date & time, kind of goods or property, value or price of goods, name and contact details of seller, name and contact details of the buyer, and other terms and conditions regarding sale or transfer of ownership. It should be well prepared in a professional format and must be signed by the involved parties. You can also prepare a bill of sale by using the bill of sale templates available here on this page. These sample templates are available in Word and Excel formats.

A bill of sale is defined as a certificate of relocation of personal property, utilized particularly where something is moved as security and safety for a debt. In other words, it is a legal document created by a seller to a buyer or purchaser, filing that on a particular date, at a particular locality, and for a specific amount of money or cash or the other value delivered.

The seller marketed to the buyer or purchaser a particular thing of personal, or a package of the original property of which he consists of lawful possession. It is a written document that evidences the relocation of the title to the personal property from the seller, vendor to the buyer, or the vendee. These bills of sale that don’t show any kind of security or safety whatsoever, are simply documents or instruments evidencing the transfers, assignments, and many other assurances of the personal property that are considered no more than rare contracts of the auction of products covered by the general law.

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