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 Here is a general Payroll Template. When a large number of employees are engaged in an enterprise, they help in contributing in the profit of the company by putting their efforts in achieving the company’s goal. However, the company in return gives salary or commission in the case of agency service. The payment to be provided by the employer shall be in accordance to the attendance of the workers or employees. They shall be provided payment in compliance with the amount of work done by him. Their Payroll may be verified and assured if it has been corrected maintained and there is no fraud being involved in it. There should be no fake attendance or fictitious employee whose pay slip is being deducted unless verified. The signing authority to approve these pay slips must be overviewed. The payment terms and conditions vary as per the company to company. This Payroll Template can be downloaded here.

Payroll is a sum of payments like salaries of employees, wages, bonuses and other deductions during a specific accounting period. Payroll is a major expense of any kind of business. Payroll generally prepared by accounting department of the company at the end of accounting year. In small business, payroll section may managed by the owner himself. Payroll system can be handled by the company accounting department or by a professional service. There are different ways to manage a payroll system of the company. Manual payroll system is very inexpensive. Nowadays mostly companies are using computerized payroll systems in order to manage their payroll section with best. A wide range of different software available in market that you can purchase and run for your company. Computerized payroll system helps you to minimize the human errors in payroll reports. Hope you like Payroll Template.

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1. Vertex42

2. ComputerForAll


3. TidyForms

4. OpenOffice

5. OneClickCommissions

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