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The document on which the change of ownership has been defined with the consent of the person passing to someone is known as letter of transmittal. For you reference a sample Letter of Transmittal Template is added here. This Letter of Transmittal Template will give you necessary points to make it better. The letter of transmittal is prepared for transferring the ownership to another person such as on sale of vehicles and property. The letter contains information about the seller name, customer name, complete address and vehicle’s data. It is important that the letter of transmittal should given in good faith to another person. Good faith means to transfer the document without deceiving the other party. Both the party has to be on the terms settled during transfer of document. The terms includes conditions and warranty. The purpose of letter of transmittal is to transfer the rights following the legal way. The letter prevents both the parties from misconduct and establish a good relation between them.

Letter of Transmittal is a formal business document or letter which introduces a document to its reader. We do hope you will like this letter  of transmittal template. Generally a transmittal letter assists a document and explains what the document is. In other words a transmittal letter serves as an introduction to another document, which may consists of technical or scientific reports. Usually a letter of transmittal identifies the name of accompanying document or report and explains its objective. It may also explain about sources of information and elements involved in preparing of attached document. It is very important business letter and should be prepaid with full of attention and must include all necessary information. If you need some tips or outlines about how to write it effectively, you should browse on internet where you will be able to find bunch of information and ideas about letter of transmittal. You can also use letter of transmittal templates and samples.

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Letter of Transmittal Template

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