12+ Practical Income Statement Templates in EXCEL Format

You can make income statements using the given-below Income Statement Templates available here on this page. These Income Statement Templates will be really helpful in this regard. An income statement is one of the most important financial statements of the company which describes the revenues and expenditures of the company in a particular accounting period.

An income statement is also known as a profit and loss statement. It is a perfect tool to measure the financial performance of a business or company during a specific time period. Income statements may be prepared by the general accountant of the company. The major purpose of the income statement is to give customers, investors, or banks a clear overview of the company’s financial position, including revenue generated, expenses incurred over a specific time period.

An income statement can be prepared in Microsoft excel. Many companies are using software to prepare the financial statements of the company. The income statement template is the best tool to use in order to make an income statement without mistakes and errors.

An Income Statement is a financial statement of a business or a company and displays the revenues and expenses of a company throughout a particular duration of time. It signifies how the revenues are exchanged into the net income. It also shows the revenues identified for a particular duration of time and also the expenses and the cost charged in opposition to these revenues which includes taxes and write-offs.

The purpose of this type of statement is to display to investors and managers, whether the firm lost or made money throughout the duration of time being reported. It is important to keep in mind that this statement represents the duration of time as the cash flow statement. This compares with the balance sheet that represents a single instance in time. It is also known as revenue statement, statement of operations, operating statement, profit and loss statement, and many others.

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