FREE 18 Executive Summary Templates & Examples

In this article, you can get 18 Executive Summary Templates and Examples in different styles and formats for free. The document used for business purposes and defines the longer report in a short way is known as an executive summary.

The users of executive summary are newsagents, cops, and politicians. The purpose of this summary is to explain the situation and the circumstances briefly. It conveys the message to the person in a short time and diverts the attention towards the objective. The executive summary is required by an entrepreneur from the sales team about the market conditions.

The executive summary can be about the media, sports, and politics or in the interest of the people towards anything. This summary is relevant to the topic and easily understood by an individual. It is helpful in identifying the subject of the words written. The person who has gone through the executive summary can highlight the important words for discussing with another person.

Check out the free executive summary templates and examples that are provided below. All these templates are available in the Microsoft Word program which makes it very easy for you to edit the contents of any template and use it as per your requirements.

Download Executive Summary Templates Here:

Company’s Executive Summary Template

Executive Summary Outline Template

Executive Summary Template for Healthcare

Executive Summary Example Template WORD

Sample Executive Summary Template

Product Launch Executive Summary Template

Simple Executive Summary Template

Standard Executive Summary Template

Blank Executive Summary Format Template

One-Page Executive Summary WORD Template

Detailed Executive Summary Template

Editable Project Executive Summary Template

Non-Confidential Executive Summary Template

Formal Executive Summary Template

Business Plan Executive Summary Template

Practical Executive Summary Template in DOC Format

Free Executive Summary Sample Outline Template

Business Executive Summary Report Template

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