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This Voucher Template can be download below. This Voucher Template is generic in style and can be used for all types of users. Voucher is a piece of paper with a specified value printed on it that can be used for purchase of goods or services from a specific store. There are different kinds of vouchers available in market like discount vouchers and gift vouchers. Gift voucher can be treated as cash in order to purchase goods and service from particular stores or outlets mentioned on a gift voucher. Whereas, discount voucher is a mod of discount that issued by a retailer or a manufacturer in order to give discount or relief to their customers while they purchasing. Vouchers are commonly used by organizations and companies as promotional tools. With the help of vouchers, you can promote your new brand and products among public. If you wish to design a voucher for your company or product, then voucher template is a best option for you. You can easily make changes in a voucher template in order to make a voucher yourself.

The receipt made by the accountant after the expenses are incurred is known as voucher. The details in the voucher are date, serial number, and the name of account such as misc expenses, the account number and signature of the person preparing the voucher.  Voucher is an accounting document used for paying the amount to the vendors or when an advance is received the voucher is made for giving it to the customer. All the accounts are prepared from the vouchers. An accountant prepares voucher after receiving the invoice from the vendors. It is the daily activity of an accountant to record all the transactions keeping in view the voucher. Preparing a voucher is first step towards recording the financial activity. A voucher is a certificate or document that either allows him to purchase something or proves that he has paid for something. The ledger is maintained by an accountant through the voucher.

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