Top 5 Free Time Sheet Templates

A Time Sheet is a sheet that is used for recording the amount of time spent by a worker during his job. Such sheets are very simple to make and are mostly made in tabular forms. At the end of every row or column a sign column is made so that the worker or the employee can sign at the end of the shift. The main benefit of creating a Time Sheet is that company owners can easily keep a record of the work hours and finally at the end of the month or the week payment can be made. You can easily make a time sheet on a simple white paper and if you have a computer, then you can create such sheet in Microsoft-Excel software. Most of the offices these days have a computer with them and hence it is very easy to create such sheets and it is also very easy to maintain them for regular use.

Time sheet is a document which shows the amount (hours) of workers spend on their jobs. It is very important business tool usually used by human recourses and accounting departments in order to calculate payment of employees according to their working hours. Nowadays well established companies and organizations are using electronic time sheets for their employees. Employees can enter their in and out times simply putting their thumbs on thumb scanner provided by companies on security cabins. Time tracking via time sheets can increase the performance of employees and increase revenue through automatic billing and payments. Huge number of online software available internet which can help you to prepare timesheets for your company or organization. Many websites provides you free time sheet templates which are best to make your own time sheet in less time and effort.

Time Sheet Template

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