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A free Summary Report Template is available here for download. After the preparation of books of accounts, these are to be verified by the auditor of the company. The auditor is required to submit the copy of the report along with the statement of accounts presented by the Co. The copy of all such statement of accounts along with the auditor’s report director report is required to be presented to the shareholders of the company in the annual general meeting. They auditor may also provide Summary Report along with the detailed report, however the title being summary report and the availability of the full long, detailed report in case of any detailed query required to be inquired by the viewer. These are an abridged form of report, which provides briefing of the opinion opined on the books of accounts. A report includes individual views on comparative statements of the enterprise reflected in the statement of accounts.  It opines, if the books of accounts are free from material misstatement or there exists any risk of fraud in the books of accounts. Hope you will like this Summary Report Template.

Summary report is a document in which writer explains the central and main points of a report, completion and other instructions. A summary report enables the reader to get information that what is discussed in report without reading it. Summary report can be prepared for various objectives such as, project summary report and audit summary report. A summary report should be prepared carefully and with full necessary information. You should state the purpose of summary report on the top while you writing a summary report. Briefly explain the scope of prepared report and also mention research methods or strategy that used to prepare the report. Also describe main points of the report that reader will be able to take overview of report by reading summary report. If you want to get more tips and guidelines to prepare a summary report, you must go for internet and search there.

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Summary Report Template

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