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To plan about something with intention of achieving or accomplishment of goals and tasks is known as strategy. This plan is made by professional people such as project manager, business developer, architect and engineers. Due to planning one can perform his/her tasks accurately and by this the efficiency will be affected. It saves the time of an individual and keeps him away from the irregular behavior. A complete chapter is on strategic plan in the book business communication and behavior. Every organization adopts strategic plan for making an employee enthusiastic and broad minded. If someone wants to know the future direction of business then it is necessary to understand the current position and possible avenues. The plan can be about technology, market, the economy, the regulatory environment.

A Strategic plan is a written document utilized to communicate or contact with the company about the company goals, the activities or actions required to get those goals achieved and all of the various other difficult components developed or created during the exercise of planning. It is the process of an organization to define its strategy or plan or direction and crafting decisions on assigning its resources to follow this strategy. It may also expand to manage mechanisms for directing the completion of the strategy. This planning turned up famous in the corporations and remains an essential feature of the strategic management. It is controlled by the strategists or the strategic planners, who include various different research sources and parties in their study of the company and its relationship or association to the environment or the atmosphere in which it accomplished.

Strategic Plan Template

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