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You can download this Share/Stock Certificate Template here.  Share certificate is a legal document issued by company which identifies the ownership of specified number of shares of a business or organization. Share certificate can serve as a legal proof of ownership of indicated number of shares. Generally share certificate issued by company in order to ensure that a certain person is the registered owner of shares in the company. A share certificate indicates the actual portion of ownership of a company or business. It may contain name of shareholder, number of share, actual value of share, terms and conditions and other important information regarding company. If you are seeking to make share certificate for your company, you can make it on your PC. There is large number of templates available on internet for free of cost, that you can utilize and easily can make changes in them as per your requirements. You will like this Share/Stock Certificate Template.

A document written and signed for the sake of serving as a legal proof of ownership of the number of shares given by the corporation. In financial markets the investors rarely take the physical possession of certificates. This certificate is issued by the stock exchange department to the person holding the shares. This certificate functions as a security for the share holder so that in future there may not be any misunderstanding between broker and shareholder. The certificate contains information such as registration number, name of agent and broker, and the complete information about the share holder. It is clearly defined in the certificate that profit will be given according to percentage of shares. The profit gained by the company is distributed among share holder as per terms settled during an agreement. The certificate indicates the share holder to follow the policy implemented by the company.

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Share/Stock Certificate Template

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