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This Purchase Order Template is added here for your help and reference. A purchase order is a document issued by buyer to its seller which identifies type of goods or services, quantity, price and other terms and conditions regarding transaction. Purchase order is a kind of legal offer to buy goods and services. A sale is a result of acceptance of a purchase order by seller of goods. A purchase order helps a purchasing agent to manage his orders.  Basic elements of a purchase order are date, purchase order number, description of goods and services, price and complete details of both parties (buyer and seller). A purchase order protects both buyer and seller. It should be prepared in simple, easy and professional format. There is a huge variety of purchase order form, blank purchase order and purchase order templates that you can utilize for your company or business. You can insert your own information in a blank purchase order and can prepare a purchase order for your company.

The purchase order is a document given by the buyer to the seller. The details mentioned in the purchase order include the price of product or services, the quantity and name of the product. There is a contract between the seller and buyer as the purchase order is accepted by the seller. The purchase order protects the seller in case of refusal by the buyer to pay. Due to purchase order the buyer can communicate his intention to the seller. Once the purchase order is given by the buyer to seller than it is the responsibility of seller to take care of good .the buyer is bound to pay for the items listed in the purchase order. It is the duty of the seller to read the purchase order carefully and provide goods to the buyer in first instance.

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