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A Menu is a written representation of beverage and food offerings at restaurants, cafes and hotels. A free Menu Template is added here for your guidance. This free menu template can be used to design top notch menus for restaurants, cafes and other food related places.

It is a document in a written format, which is used by most of the hotels, resorts and restaurants all over the world, in which they offer a chance to their customers or guests in order to choose from a wide range of food and beverage options. Menus, in the form of list of prepared foods and drinks, have been found by the Song Dynasty in China in older times. There are different of template designs available to create this document in an easy and simple manner. On the internet, you can get a wide collection of templates for menus to opt for, according to your needs and preferences. To get a menu template, you do not need to pay any money.

Simply a menu is a list of options for a user. In food business, a menu is a collection of dishes offered by a restaurant that a customer can order. A menu contain list of food stuff and dishes offered by restaurant, price range and details about restaurant. A menu is a very important part of a restaurant. A menu can also be used as a promotional tool. A restaurant owner can use it to promote restaurant and food stuff offered by restaurant as well. A menu is a repetitive of the restaurant; it should be prepared in best way in order to represent your restaurant effectively to your customers. In the field of electronics and computer science a menu is a list of options or commands that a user can choose. A menu allow a user to access various options the software program is capable of performing or to operate an electronic device.

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Free Menu Template

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