Top 5 Free Lease Agreement Templates

It is a written contract between two parties, landlord who owns some sort of property and other who borrowing the property for a specific time period against a specified sum of payment.  This Lease Agreement Template will be really helpful in this regard. A lease agreement legally protects both involved parties in agreement. It also describe all terms and conditions of agreement and other important information such as name and contact details of parties, type of property, specified time period of leasing, leasing amount etc. a lease agreement can be prepared for various reasons such as leasing real estate, apartments, manufacturing equipment and other goods. A lease agreement generally prepared when a person (owner of property) make an offer for leasing to another and other person (borrower) accept that offer. It is very important document and should be prepared in professional manner. You can also utilize lease agreement templates in order to write a lease agreement yourself.

Free Lease Agreement Template is available for download from here. The document in which it has been written that the user will pay to owner for use of an asset is known as lease agreement. The user and the owner have to be on the term and conditions settled during agreement. The details in the lease agreement includes the name of vehicle or immoveable property, the number of installments ,the specific date and the amount that has to be paid by the user periodically. The immoveable property includes the house and the building. The lease agreements are offered by the bankers on behalf of the authorities present in the bank. According to the lease agreement an asset should be returned to the owner in case of shortage of installment. Before signing on lease agreement the principal amount is given by the customer to bank.

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Lease Agreement Template

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