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A wonderful Gift Certificate Template is added here for your reference. A gift certificate is a mode of exchange in form of a gift or incentive. Gift certificate is a piece of paper that is worth a certain sum of money and is given to someone to be used like cash to pay for goods. Holder of a gift certificate can purchase goods or services from particular store or shop mentioned on it. A gift certificate represents the right of the person named on or holding it to present the certificate to purchase goods from specified merchant or store. Mostly companies issue gift certificate to their employees as salary, bonuses and incentives. If you want to give gift or present to someone and you don’t know about his/her choice, gift certificate is a splendid idea for that. He or she can buy gift of his/her own choice by using gift certificate. Different formats of Gift Certificate Template will be added soon in our collection.

 In families, the members of the family at times end up giving gifts to their closed one consisting of a very huge amount involving transfer of large amount of funds. Therefore, the transfer of large sums of money needs to be disclosed in the books of accounts, especially when it is given without any consideration in return. As per good accounting, practice it is advised to obtain a Gift Certificate for the amount transferred in cash or in kind. The amount of transfer shall after gifting be taxed in the hands of the transferee being his money now.

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Gift Certificate Template

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