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Free Letterhead Template can be downloaded here. This Free Letterhead Template is designed by professionals. Letterhead is a printed heading on stationary or letter paper. Generally letter head consists of name of company, logo or trademark of the company, address and other contact details and information about company. The word letterhead also used to refer stationary or piece of paper imprinted with such a heading. The main purpose of a letterhead is to take print of important document and other confidential letters of the company to give them neat and professional look. The main cause to have letterhead is to ensure that the organization is presented with the logo, type face, and contact information in a consistent format. A letterhead must be simple and professional in format. You should not add too many contacts in your letterhead. You can design a letterhead in Microsoft word and can also use letterhead templates in order to design a perfect letterhead. Making letterhead is easy with this Free Letterhead Template.

The letterhead which can be used by an employer for any purpose is known as free letterhead. The information in the letterhead includes the name of company, the website name, email address and the contact number. The free letterheads are available on the websites for the person who wants to contact through email .most of the people downloads the free letterhead from the websites. Every company has the free letterhead that is needs to be filled for giving it to the customer. The free letterhead can be used for giving warranties and as a document which shows the ownership or possession. The users of free letterhead are traders or businessman. The free letterhead can be used for conversation between two companies. The business letters are usually written by an employer on free letterhead.

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Free Letterhead Template

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