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Get this Free invoice Template here. An invoice is a commercial document prepared and issued by a seller to its buyer during a sale transaction. An invoice can be serve as a proof of a sale. An invoice may include type of goods, quantity, specified sum of payment, name of seller and buyer, term of payment and date etc. There are various types of invoice generally used in business. An invoice can also indicate that payment is due from the buyer to the seller according to the payment terms and conditions. An invoice either can be manual or computerized. A large number of companies are using software nowadays in order to prepare invoices and keep record of sale transactions. You can prepare an invoice for your business or company in Microsoft word. There is variety of invoice templates available on web that you can utilize as well. Free invoice Template is available here.

The outflow of cash for daily activities is through invoice. The details on invoice includes billing date, customer name, the time,quantity,description,unit price, total price and subtotal. The payment to the creditors is through invoice. The person receiving through the invoice can keep all for the record. It is the systematic and appropriate way for the convenience of parties. This invoice is always ready with the producer or seller for giving it to the consumer. If the consumer wants to return something to seller then it will only be possible through the invoice. The invoice includes the name and signature of trader and consumer. It includes the written statement by the seller such as guarantee  given. Due to the latest technology the software of invoice has been made. The departmental stores and marts contains the free invoice.

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Free invoice Template

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