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Food journal or food diary is a best way for anyone to track that what to eat in seven days of week. Free Food Journal Template is available. It is a very good thing to maintain your diet plan and helps a lot to avoid over eating.  It is a kind of printed document or written paper that you can keep in your kitchen or in your purse. Having a perfect food journal can provide you lots of benefits. It is proved by several studies that people who keep food journal or food diaries are more successful to lose their weight and keep it off. A food journal can help you to track the amount of food you ear throughout the week. It should be small enough and transportable that you can carry it with yourself wherever you want to go and can record all information related to your food. This Food Journal Template will be helpful in this regard.

The newspaper and magazines in which details about the food are mentioned is known as food journal. The food can be of various types such as fast food and sea food. The fast food includes burgers, sandwich and roast and the sea food includes fish. The users of food journal learn how to cook food by including the ingredients described in recipe. The food journal is available on departmental stores and marts. The food journal is full of new delicious recipes and add taste to the life. The objective of the food journal is help those cooks who are not too good in making food. The food journal includes pictures of prepared foods and of chefs. The food journal is prepared after the collaboration of suggestion and comments by the chefs. Many food channels are in the position to make the journal monthly.

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