Before the movie gets released to the audience, the creative team of the movie aims at promoting the movie to this extent that the audience is attracted to watch it. They create a lure towards the movie by all the media ads that the audience precepts about the movie and just can’t resist watching it. These are displayed in streets outside movie halls clubs and all possible outdoor places. The Film Poster has the title of the film in bold letters also displaying the star cast of the movie or the tag line if any. The story can be depicted by the poster as it gives the highlights of the film. Its basic criteria are to attract maximum audience towards the movie. Though, many other Promotional aids have overtaken this method of marketing yet these posters are always displayed in cinema halls before the release and change of movie schedule.

A poster that used to advertise and inform the audience about an upcoming film or movie is known as film poster. Film poster is a vital tool to get targeted audience for the film. A film poster contains all important information about film such as, release date, actor’s name, place of release (studio) etc. Mostly film posters designed with content and attractive images. Content contains film name in large letters and it also include name of actors, name of directors and name of characters. Attractive and beautiful film poster can catch the audience at first glance. Film posters can be displayed inside and outside the theater and in general markets as well. Well designed film poster attracts the audience and leads them towards theaters. Nowadays it is very easy to design a film poster; you can design your own film poster by using different graphic designing software.

Film Poster Template

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