Top 5 Free Credit Reminders Templates

In business, you have to deal with so many types of customers and distributors. Some may provide instant money in liquid form while some may opt for credit. They assure you to pay the amount due after a period of time. In such a case Credit Reminders are issued to prospective customers which give them regular reminders to pay the amount due by them to the company well within time inclusive or exclusive of interest as the case may be. As per provisions of accounting standards, any debt, which remains overdue or out of order for more than 90 days, shall be provisioned as bad debts. Alternatively, shall be graded as non-performing asset in case of failure to repay the due amount with in specified period. There as Debt Recovery Agents which helps the enterprise to recover the amount due and charge a nominal fee as their service charges for giving such services.

Credit is very important part of any kind of business. Providing credit is compulsory to maintain business and customer relations. But when customer shows negligence in paying credit back then your organization’s cash flow can come to a screeching halt and it really affects organization’s business affairs. In this case credit reminder is perfect tool to remind customers to pay credit in time. Credit reminder is a very important document which should be in professional format. All credit details and other important information and invoice must state in credit reminder and also remind the customer that you would like to continue a best business relationship while you writing a credit reminder. Credit reminder should be written in polite and soft words, also mention all contact details so customer could contact you easily and in time. You can get helpful tips to design a good credit reminder on internet.

Credit Reminders Template

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