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This Company Letterhead Template is available for download here. You can get this Company Letterhead Template below post. A company letterhead is usually a heading on upper side of a paper which consists of name, logo and address of the company. Letterhead term is generally used to identify to the whole paper printed with such heading. Company letterheads are often used to take print out of company’s confidential documents or letters. Mostly companies prefer to prepare company letterhead in word processing software. You company letterhead must contain company name, logo and necessary contact information only. The rest of the design of a company letterhead should be simple and don’t insert too much contact information. You should Practice on paper making a few design ideas, or rough drafts in order to give a credible look to your company letterhead. You can also use letterhead templates provided on internet free of cost while you making a company letterhead. You will like this Company Letterhead Template.

Since the company enjoys separate identity from the members of the company. Thus the members cannot sign and direct on behalf of the company by themselves.  However, the directors may provide a direction on working of the company by proper authorization on Company Letterhead. This letterhead provides a base for authentication of approval to the outside party. In the heading on the top of the letterhead is the name of the company with its full address of registered office where the books of accounts are kept. It shall also consist of complete information about the contact address on it. It may or may not contain the logo or the corporate identification design of the company in its background. With the help of these letterheads, you can direct or impose the policies of company as proper authentication and it serves as a means of conveying a direct message to the staff from authorities it may be posted on the bulletin board for common addressing.

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Company Letterhead Template

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