15 Sample Commercial Lease Agreement Templates in MS WORD

Download Free Commercial Lease Agreement Templates here. The Commercial Lease Agreement Templates are available for your help and convenience. A commercial lease agreement is a kind of agreement usually signed between a landlord who owns the property and a customer or client who wants to borrow property for a specific time period for commercial use.

A commercial lease is specific to use the property only for commercial or business use rather than residential use. It is a very important instrument that legally protects both parties in the agreement. It clearly defines all terms and conditions of the commercial lease that must be followed by both parties.  It is a legal agreement that can be enforceable by law. It should be written and signed by both the involved parties. Commercial lease agreement samples and templates can help you a lot if you wish to prepare a commercial lease agreement by yourself. It is very easy to make changes in such templates and you can add information as per your needs and requirements.

A commercial lease agreement is an agreement that is normally done when a property is being leased for doing any sort of business or commercial agreement. Primary components of such agreement include expenses, taxes, repair obligations, and security deposits. It is also called a business lease agreement.

A commercial lease agreement is also quite viable for business houses because they don’t have to buy property for doing business and instead they can opt for leased property and do their business. They can exit after the lease term gets completed and sometimes the lease gets renewed. Such agreements are a little complicated as compared to residential lease agreements and hence it is very much necessary that all the terms and conditions are read properly before signing any sort of related documents. There are a certain set of responsibilities also that are required to be discussed in detail

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