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As an active employee of the business and has been tasked with logging all calls for the business or company, it is beneficial for you to get help from call log template. It enables you to make a call log to keep proper track of all phone calls made by customers and business itself. Preparing and maintaining a call log helps the business management a lot to stay in touch with customers, clients and suppliers without facing difficulty. Use of call log is vital for business organizations and companies in many ways. Call log can come in handy when it comes to keep an eye on the miscellaneous incoming and outgoing calls and all relevant information in an organized manner. A well-managed call log is considered as a vital tool that makes the business communication much easier and fluent. An employer or businessman can use available details in call log to reach customers and clients in timely manner to fulfill their needs or orders made by them. Aside from the size and nature of the business or company you are running, you must prepare a call log to keep data about calls safe in written form and our call log template can help you a lot in this matter.

More about call log template:

Call log basically is a document providing details about all calls (incoming and outgoing) made or received by an individual person, company or business establishment. Call log is one of the important documents on reception table.  Telephone operator or receptionist can use available fields and spaces of the call log to record details about calls such as status of the call, name of the person on another side of the call, status of the time, timing and reason of call etc. Details mentioned in the call log can be used as reference when called person need to make a call in response. Properly made and up to dated call log makes the business communication easier and productive. Not only in business field, but a call log can also be used for personal use. With help of a call log an individual person or company can control the cost of outgoing unproductive calls.

How to use call log template:

As it is recently mentioned that call log is one of the most important document in personal and professional life, it must be prepared carefully with all essential spaces to record basic details about calls. Our call log template is a helping document when someone is making call log either for personal or professional use. Microsoft excel is a featured spreadsheet based computer program that anyone can use for creating call log from scratch. If you want to save your time and efforts when making call log, then we recommend you to download and use call log template. The template is readymade document with blank fields that you can use to add your own details such as name of the company, date and name of the managing person etc. Editing of the call log template will be easier after its successful downloading in computer.

Download Call Log Template:

call log template


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5. SmartSheets

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