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Download free Balance Sheet Template from here. Balance sheet is a very important and one of the major financial statements of the company, business or organization. It summarizes the assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity of a company or organization at a specific time. In other words a balance sheet is a measurable summary of a company’s financial position at a specific point in time. It is a document generally prepared by a general accountant of the company. When you want to make balance sheet for your company be sure to include all assets, that which the company owns, all liabilities that which the company have to pay and equities that which the company invested into other business. You can also use balance sheet templates available on internet for your ease. By using balance sheet templates, you will be able to prepare a perfect balance sheet for your company without errors and mistakes. Hopefully this Balance Sheet Template will be useful for you.

The document on which the assets and liabilities are evaluated is known as balance sheet. The assets include the cash in hand, the debtors, receivables, the plant and machinery. The liabilities of business or an entity are creditors, loan taken from the bank and the payables. The balance sheet is prepared by an accountant for showing the financial position of the business. The users of the balance sheet are investors, shareholders and an employer. Before preparing the balance sheet an accountant has to write following information on the top of the paper. The information includes the name of company, the year and the date. In balance sheet the left column is for liabilities and the right is for assets. The amount of assets and liabilities must be equal in the balance sheet.

Download free Balance Sheet Template:

Balance Sheet Template

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Download free Balance Sheet Template

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