Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial Invoice Template can be downloaded here. A Commercial Invoice is a type of a document utilized in foreign trade. It is important to know that it is utilized as a customs declaration offered by an individual or a company, which is exporting a product across international borders. Even though, there is no particular standard format for it, the document should incorporate a few particular pieces of information like, the parties included in the shipping transaction, the country of manufacture, the goods being transferred or transported and the harmonized coding symbols for those goods. This document should as well incorporate a statement that certifies that the invoice is a signature and a true one. This document is utilized by organizations for calculating tariffs, overseas, commercial terms, and is mostly utilized for custom reasons. The defined invoice for payout has just the word ‘invoice’. You can check the sample of this document on the web. This Commercial Invoice Template is very useful.

A commercial invoice is a document of invoice use for foreign trade purpose. It is very important document required by custom department in order to get the true value of goods that you import to assess duties and taxes. Commercial invoice is a final receipt or bill after shipment of goods. A commercial invoice may contain name of both parties, true value of items or goods, quantity and weight, nature of goods, total sum of payment, date and time and must include a statement certifying that the invoice is original and a signature. It also indicates all terms and conditions of a sale transaction. The commercial invoice is considered the most important document in international trade, because merchandise is not allowed to clear customs at the destination without commercial invoice. Commercial invoice templates are best to prepare a commercial invoice for your business.

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Free Commercial Invoice Template


Service Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template is here  for you. Create professional invoices using this template. A service invoice is a kind of billing associated with the non-professional work. This is a legal document, which is presented to the payer as a part of payment for services provided to him. You can download this Service Invoice Template from below download button.

A few of the services may include freelance work, consultancy, repair personnel etc. The service provider raises the invoice after the assignment or work is completed as desired. The customer agrees to pay the amount and asks for the invoice. This way, both parties get involved into the transactions and a business relationship. Accounting software can also be used to create the invoice on customer’s name to which he pays the amount against. Both parties have copies of the invoice and receipt of payment is provided to the service provider for smooth transaction. The invoice may include the information about service provided, amount to be paid and due date when the customer has to pay.

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A service invoice is a document issued by a service provider company or an individual for a transaction in which services are provided to the customer against a specified sum of money. A service invoice is a written proof of purchase of services. Generally a service invoice includes details of the services provided by a company or an individual to its client. Main parts of a service invoice may be date, invoice number, invoice due date, client name, sum of money and other sales taxes if any. A service invoice is a best tool to keep record of services provided to the clients. Various companies are using software to prepare and manage service invoices. There is a huge variety of service invoice templates available on internet free of cost that can be used to prepare service invoices for your business or company.


Memo Invoice Template

You can download free Memo Invoice Template here. Memo invoice is a very important business document which prepared when goods are shipped from one place to another. It may identify all important information such as, nature of products or service, quantity, date of shipping, address of recipient, total payment and mode of payment as well. Memo invoice is very important document in order to keep record of all sales transactions of the company. It also helps to manage company accounts in best way. Memo invoice can also be used to collect payment from buyers to whom goods shipped. Many websites offers to download and use their memo invoice templates in order to make perfect memo invoice for your company. We can easily edit such templates and can add information as per our needs. A memo invoice should be prepared in professional manner and state all important information regarding transaction. This Memo Invoice Template is very useful.

Memo invoice is used by the accountants for recording the sales transaction. This invoice is used for recording the overseas transitions containing the information about the company who has shipped goods, the recipient, and quality of goods, mode of payment and the price of goods. The record of memo invoice can be used for estimating the sales of the company for the future. The details in the memo invoice includes the name of the customer, the trademark of the company, product name, the serial number, unit price, total price and the signature of recipient .there are three colorful copies of memo invoice 1-for giving to the customer2-for the accountant3-for having record. The customer must have the memo invoice in case of return of product.The memo invoice shows that the person has purchased good by paying cash the seller.

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Blank invoice Template

Blank invoice describes the invoicing process.  You can download free Blank invoice Template here. It represents the bill for good sold or services provided. The blank invoice includes individual prices and the total charge. This report is more useful then ever been because of the latest technology introduced by the companies such as cell phones and devices. Most businessman and traders for their convenience pay through invoices. It is a time saving activity instead of collecting cash form somewhere and paying it to other parties. The blank invoice includes signature, name of parties, quantity and discount if any. The users of this invoice are bankers, traders, creditor’s shareholders and investor’s .It is helpful for the organization to maintain the record of all the transactions and to establish a good relation with the concerning traders. Enormous time has to be spent the person preparing blank invoice for an employer. It can save the precious time but also can accelerate work speed.

This Blank invoice Template is very much important. Invoice is a very important document which indicates the information and details of different business transactions. Generally invoice is a commercial document prepared and issued by a manufacturer or retailer to its customer, and it shows all details of transaction such as products and services, customer name, price, quantity and mode of payment etc. With the help of invoices, a company or individual can keep track of all transaction that he made. A blank invoice is a sample or format to prepare different kind of invoices. A blank invoice is a best way to prepare various invoices like, sale invoice, purchase invoice, service invoice and bill invoice etc. Blank invoice is a format where you can put information according to your needs in order to make a particular invoice. Blank invoice are provided by several websites on internet without any payment. Use this Blank invoice Template as per your need.

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Free invoice Template

Get this Free invoice Template here. An invoice is a commercial document prepared and issued by a seller to its buyer during a sale transaction. An invoice can be serve as a proof of a sale. An invoice may include type of goods, quantity, specified sum of payment, name of seller and buyer, term of payment and date etc. There are various types of invoice generally used in business. An invoice can also indicate that payment is due from the buyer to the seller according to the payment terms and conditions. An invoice either can be manual or computerized. A large number of companies are using software nowadays in order to prepare invoices and keep record of sale transactions. You can prepare an invoice for your business or company in Microsoft word. There is variety of invoice templates available on web that you can utilize as well. Free invoice Template is available here.

The outflow of cash for daily activities is through invoice. The details on invoice includes billing date, customer name, the time,quantity,description,unit price, total price and subtotal. The payment to the creditors is through invoice. The person receiving through the invoice can keep all for the record. It is the systematic and appropriate way for the convenience of parties. This invoice is always ready with the producer or seller for giving it to the consumer. If the consumer wants to return something to seller then it will only be possible through the invoice. The invoice includes the name and signature of trader and consumer. It includes the written statement by the seller such as guarantee  given. Due to the latest technology the software of invoice has been made. The departmental stores and marts contains the free invoice.

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Memo Invoice Credit Template

Memo Invoice Credit Template download here. Memo invoice is a business document prepared by companies when they shipped goods or products from one place to another. Memo invoice contains all information about a sale transaction made by company. A memo invoice may include name of goods, quantity, price, due payments, mod of payment and name of buyer etc. A memo invoice credit is a document or receipt sent by buyer showing that he paid all due payments regarding sale transaction. A memo invoice credit is a very important document to keep track of sales and payments in order to manage company accounts and stock. If you need to prepare a memo invoice or memo invoice credit, you should go for internet where you can get bunch of information in this regards. There is a wide range of memo invoice credit templates on web that help us to prepare a perfect memo invoice credit. This Memo Invoice Credit Template is very helpful.

A Memo Invoice Credit is basically used by the seller and it is a sort of commercial document. It is generally issued by a seller to a buyer and is also used by bank when you deposit some money into the bank. It is like a hard copy proof of the transaction that has been done. A memo invoice credit consists of columns such as product description, quantity and the price. Finally, in the end the total price of all the items in mentioned. In order to get such credit notes printed one can easily contact a professional printing company and blank copies of invoice credits can be made which are then later used during transactions at the shop, offices or banks. One can easily look for invoice formats on the internet and use them for their personal use anytime. Best Memo Invoice Credit Template can be downloaded below.

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Memo Invoice Credit Template


Sales Invoice Template

This Sales Invoice Template is available for download. You will find Sales Invoice Template useful. A sale invoice is a document used by companies to communicate to its customers about the sum of payments that are outstanding in exchange of goods that have been sold by company. Generally an invoice describes the types of goods and services, quantity of goods, date of sale transaction and payment etc.  Other important details that may appear on a sales invoice include a reference number to the transaction and the name and contact information of the seller.  Sales invoice can also be used to keep track of sales and financial history of the company. Sales invoice also helps the seller to manage his inventory according to his sales. It is very important document for both like for sellers, it indicates the items that are sold and shipped, and for buyers it indicates the items that are received and stocked.

The invoice used for selling products or services provided  to the customer is known sales invoice. The details on the invoice are serial number, customer name and address,signature,description,quantity,unit price, total price and subtotal. The sale can be on credit or cash it depends upon the consent between the two parties. The sales invoice can be kept as a record so that in future if there is any misconduct then it will be helpful for the parties. The description includes the name of product and expressly warranty with limitation such as for only one year. The sales invoice has three copies 1-customer copy2-office copy3-sales person copy. Sales invoice is an essential part of book keeping of any business. To maintain proper record sales invoice is necessary. In case of return by the customer then it will only be possible if he has the sales invoice.

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